• Community sponsorship is often times the difference between surviving and thriving for school districts across the country. Most sponsorships allow community partners one fixed spot of recognition on the stadium scoreboard or banner inside the gym. School districts know their valued sponsors deserve more – which is why state education regulators are utilizing the school buses more and more. However, even with the best of intentions, sometimes there is a lack of optimal application.
  • Let’s be clear, one thing we do NOT need are additional advertisements, coupons, numbers or solicitations especially targeting our students.
  • Partnering with Crosswalk Marketing ensures school districts will promote their own positive message while providing unrivaled brand recognition for their best community partners.
  • Time and time again this initiative captures the approval and support of administrators, school board members, parents and critics of this endeavor.
  • Whether you are involved in the school district and would like to look at more ways to help your district thrive, or you are a local community sponsor and want to be seen by more eyes in more places; contact Crosswalk Marketing Group and inquire about adopting our program for the school busses in your local community.

Academic Enrichment

Crosswalk truly cares. Our partners live and raise their families in Arkansas and embrace the local fabric of the community. Crosswalk Marketing Group has a passion to prepare students with real life business experience and expertise. We offer a curriculum that will enhance student knowledge in business and marketing in conjunction with their school’s active partnership campaign. School administrators can elect to enroll their pupils in our program.

Crosswalk Marketing Group is developing a higher education internship platform that will allow student/interns hands-on experience with local businesses. It will also guide interns to facilitate with primary education and mentoring through our business/marketing curriculum. Apply to intern today! 

Partner with Crosswalk Marketing Group

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