Academic Enrichment

Crosswalk truly cares. Our partners live and raise their families in Arkansas and we embrace the local fabric of the community. Crosswalk has a passion to prepare students with real life business experience and expertise. We offer curriculum that will enrich students by which school districts can elect to enroll in.

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Crosswalk is developing a higher education internship platform that will allow students hands experience in small local businesses operations as well as train leaders to facilitate primary education mentoring and enrichment curriculum.

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See Something Say Something – Bentonville 2018/2019

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A Hope And A Future – Booneville 2017/2018

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  • A Hope and A Future is Booneville’s PSA message for the 2017/2018 school year generating a greater awareness for new scholarship opportunities for high school students seeking further education.
  • Booneville is the first district in Arkansas to launch a school bus community awareness campaign in Arkansas pursuant to Act 941 of 2015, which permits school districts to allow marketing or public service messages on school buses subject to requirements established by the Commission for Arkansas public School Academic Facilities and Transportation. Arkansas State Representative Dan Douglas (R-Bentonville) sponsored the legislation with support from Little Rock School District Superintendent and former Bentonville School district Superintendent, Michael Poore. According to the law, revenue generated from school bus messages, less costs of the printed decal materials, must be used for public school transportation purposes. The district plans to use the funds for repairs and maintenance of its bus fleet.
  • Through the initiative, businesses can sponsor a positive message of health or safety on a school bus. Booneville’s community campaign message focuses on awareness for new scholarship opportunities to benefit graduating high school students as they pursue higher education. The local Booneville Rotary club has partnered with the Booneville school district to help with this endeavor by promoting the campaign through the adoption of a sponsored bus decal as well.


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